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The Resurrection of Jerusalem and the Healing of a Fractured Gospel



The Resurrection of Jerusalem and the Healing of a Fractured Gospel

Authors: Mark S. Kinzer, Russell Resnik

ISBN-13: 9781725264007

Publisher: Cascade Books (June 9, 2021)

The gospel of the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus of Nazareth has healed countless lives over the centuries, but the gospel itself has been wounded through neglect of one of its main components. The books of Luke and Acts reveal that the death and resurrection of Jesus are linked inextricably to the destruction and promised restoration of Jerusalem, the city that personifies the Jewish people as a whole. To highlight this expanded understanding of the gospel, Mark Kinzer and Russ Resnik unpack the Hebrew term for gospel, besorah, as a prophetic message of salvation for Israel and all nations. In Luke’s besorah, the death and resurrection of the Messiah are a sign of the coming judgment and restoration of Jerusalem and the Jewish people—a restoration that brings with it the renewal of all creation. This prophetic dimension of the besorah is a key to healing the fractured gospel and restoring its power amidst the strife and tumult of the twenty-first century.



Mark S. Kinzer is Rabbi Emeritus of Congregation Zera Avraham in Ann Arbor, Michigan, and President Emeritus of Messianic Jewish Theological Institute.

Russell L. Resnik serves as Rabbinic Counsel of the Union of Messianic Jewish Congregations and general editor of Kesher: A Journal of Messianic Judaism.



“How can we get the best work of the best messianic theologian into words that people in the pews can understand easily? Besorah is the answer. This is the book for every Yeshua-believer who wants the big picture of Jesus and Israel, past and future. Every believer needs to read this and get a copy for friends.”

--Gerald McDermott, Beeson Divinity School, author of Israel Matters

“NT scholars today increasingly recognize the connection between the good news about Jesus and Isaianic promises of the restoration of God’s people who will return to Zion. Paradoxically, however, they often treat this restoration as virtually completed in the church, supplanting the Jewish people. Recognizing the problems with replacement theology, Kinzer and Resnik offer an alternative approach that respects the Torah—and the Messianic Jewish-friendly tenor of Luke-Acts and biblical promises of the coming restoration of the Jewish people.”

--Craig S. Keener, Asbury Theological Seminary, author of Acts: An Exegetical Commentary

“In Besorah, two of Messianic Judaism's most distinctive thinkers work together to share an understanding of the gospel that is committed to the Torah and the Jewish people. The complexities of Mark Kinzer's original theological reasoning are effectively elucidated and personalized for a wider audience thanks to the redactional skills of Russ Resnik. As a New Testament scholar, it is especially remarkable to see this Messianic Jewish vision of the gospel exegetically built upon the Gospel of Luke and the Acts of the Apostles. If Luke wrote primarily to a gentile Christian audience, how surprised he would be to find out that his writings have become bestsellers among Messianic Jews! All those interested in learning about a ‘Jewish Christian’ perspective on the gospel will want to read this book.”

--Isaac W. Oliver, Bradley University, author of Luke’s Jewish Eschatology



Dr. Jen Rosner, author and scholar, recently interviewed Mark Kinzer and Russ Resnik to introduce their new book, Besorah: The Resurrection of Jerusalem and the Healing of a Fractured Gospel. The book is a non-academic presentation of the materials from Dr. Kinzer's longer, more academic work, Jerusalem Crucified, Jerusalem Risen. 

Book Introduction (6 Minutes)

Besorah Book Introduction
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On Wednesday, July 14, Dr. Jen Rosner, author and scholar, again interviewed Mark Kinzer and Russ Resnik about their new book, Besorah: The Resurrection of Jerusalem and the Healing of a Fractured Gospel. This hour long, in-depth interview also includes Rabbi Dr. Vered Hillel and Rabbi Paul Saul in the discussion.

1 Hour Interview & Book Discussion:

On Friday, July 23, Martin Steinbereithner, Director of Communications and Development for The Servants of the Word, interviewed Rabbi Dr. Mark Kinzer and his co-author Rabbi Russell Resnik to find out why they published Besorah: The Resurrection of Jerusalem and the Healing of a Fractured Gospel, and what are some of their salient points.

1 Hour Interview:

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